Modeling and Animation of Natural Phenomena for Visual Effects

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Sudhanshu Maurya


The visual effects industry relies heavily on the modeling and animation of natural events to create convincing and engaging worlds for use in media like movies, TV shows, and video games. However, because to the complexity and variety of natural processes, attaining realistic and accurate results might be difficult. We examine the current methods for modeling and animating natural occurrences for visual effects and discuss their benefits and drawbacks. We also detail the technique and tools we utilized to conduct our study, which compared the efficacy, realism, and accuracy of several data collection methods and modeling methodologies. Based on our findings, the most efficient method of animation is provided by simulation techniques, while the best method of modeling natural surroundings is a combination of LiDAR and photogrammetry. But we also point out several caveats and future research directions, such refining the precision of LiDAR data and investigating other methods for mimicking intricate natural events. In sum, this research sheds light on the existing landscape and points the way for future investigations into how to better model and animate natural phenomena for VFX.

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