Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Dear Authors,

In accordance with the TR DİZİN Journal Evaluation Criteria updated for 2020, “Ethics Committee Approval” is requested for articles in all disciplines including social sciences (See TR DİZİN Journal Evaluation Criteria - Article 8.) The relevant information (board name, date and number) should be included in the method section as well as on the first / last page of the article and the relevant approval should be documented. Even if the review process of the articles are completed, the articles that does not meet this criterion may not be published since it will negatively affect the the journal to be indexed in TR DİZİN.

Besides, TR DİZİN journal evaluation criteria have made it obligatory to provide information on the compliance of research and publication ethics in the articles. In this context, the following statement should be added to the last page by the responsible author in all articles in TOJQI beginning with Volume 11 Issue 1 (January, 2020).

“I, as the Corresponding Author, declare and undertake that in the study titled as XXXX, scientific, ethical and citation rules were followed; Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry Journal Editorial Board has no responsibility for all ethical violations to be encountered, that all responsibility belongs to the author/s and that this study has not been sent to any other academic publication platform for evaluation. "

TOJQI Editorial Board