Physically-Based Simulation for Fluid and Solid Dynamics

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Chandrakala Arya


The potential for physical-based fluid and solid-dynamics simulation to transform many branches of engineering and science makes this an important field of study. In this study, we survey the state-of-the-art of physically-based simulation for fluid and solid dynamics, discussing the many methods, tools, and approaches currently in use. We also offer a methodology for simulating the behavior of fluids and solids that combines a particle-based approach with a continuum-based approach. The simulation framework, particle- and continuum-based simulation, and their coupling are all parts of our proposed technique. Future directions for research are also discussed, such as machine learning, multiscale modeling, real-time simulations, coupled simulations, validation and verification techniques, and computational resources for physically-based simulations. The discipline of physically-based modeling for fluid and solid dynamics is expanding rapidly, and there are many areas where new discoveries could be made. Many branches of engineering and research stand to benefit greatly by tackling these problems and looking in new ways.

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