Computational Photography and Image Editing for Artistic C Expression

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Bhupesha Rawat


The advent of computational photography and advanced image manipulation techniques has sparked a creative renaissance in the visual arts, giving artists and photographers fresh opportunities to express themselves via their work. This study surveys the current literature on the use of computational photography and image manipulation for creative expression, illuminating the many methods, strategies, and tools that have been developed and deployed by visual artists and photographers. We also provide a number of methods for collecting data that may be used to learn about the tastes of users and the obstacles they face when trying to come up with original content. The findings of this study have important implications for the application of computational photography and image editing in the future of artistic expression, as these methods and tools can help artists produce more expressive and creative photographs and elevate the role of technology in the creative process. Advanced machine learning techniques, neural style transfer, and improved tool and interface development should be the focus of future study in this field. We predict further development and expansion of the field of computational photography and image modification as a means of artistic expression, as evidenced by the findings of this study.

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