Role of Modern Technology in Industry 4.0: An Empirical Study in the Context of Artificial Intelligence

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Vinayendra Mani Tripathi


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key component of current technology that is revolutionizing the Indian industrial landscape in the context of Industry 4.0. India is embracing AI's potential as a major engine of economic development and industrial change. Automation of diverse industrial processes is one of the key functions of contemporary technology, especially AI, in Industry 4.0. In sectors including manufacturing, shipping, and warehousing, AI-powered robots and machines are being utilized to improve productivity, streamline production lines, and decrease human error. The use of AI in predictive maintenance helps to reduce downtime and boost productivity by analyzing data from sensors and other sources to anticipate equipment problems. In order to prepare the Indian workforce for the demands of Industry 4.0, AI is playing a crucial role. In order to prepare workers for the changing industrial landscape and the digital economy, training programmes and initiatives are being designed to teach them about AI and other cutting-edge technology. Overall, modern technology, in particular AI, is propelling the transformation of Indian companies in the era of Industry 4.0, resulting in increasing automation, data-driven decision-making, and workforce upskilling, placing India as a global leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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