Quality Control and Management in Manufacturing Industries: A Critical Analysis

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Anil Dhasmana


A crucial component of India's manufacturing industry is quality control and management. Manufacturers work hard to make sure their products satisfy customers' expectations and adhere to legal regulations. During the production process, items are monitored and examined as part of quality control procedures to find and fix any flaws or deviations from required specifications. This covers the utilization of instruments such as statistical process control, inspection, and testing.Implementing quality management requires setting up procedures and systems to guarantee consistent quality at all manufacturing phases, from raw materials to completed goods.In order to remove errors and optimize operations, it also includes ongoing improvement initiatives like lean manufacturing and Six Sigma.Effective quality control and management procedures result in higher-quality products, higher customer satisfaction, lower costs, and greater competitiveness on the international market. As they work to develop high-quality goods that satisfy the various needs of domestic and international clients, Indian manufacturers place a strong priority on quality control and management. Sample of 185 respondents involved in quality control and management were surveyed to analyze different Quality Control and Management in manufacturing industries where respondents choose “Yes” or “No” for all the questions. It is found that Systematic evaluation and monitoring to meet regulatory standards and consumer expectations and Quality Control and Management in manufacturing industries help with fault detection and correction, decrease variability, and enhance overall product quality.

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