Work Life balance of Medical Representatives in India: An Empirical Study

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Barun Srivastava


In the pharmaceutical sector, medical representatives (MRs) are essential since they represent pharmaceutical corporations to healthcare professionals. Long working hours, significant travel, and strong sales targets can make the MR position in India challenging. As they attempt to fulfill their professional obligations while also keeping a healthy work life balance, MRs in India may find it difficult to manage work and personal life. Meeting sales goals, cultivating relationships with medical experts, going to conferences, and staying up to date on industry developments can all be time-consuming tasks.The potential advantages of work-life harmony for MRs, such as boosted output, more job satisfaction, and greater mental and physical health.However, given that it has an impact on MRs' physical, mental, and emotional health, the significance of work life balance cannot be overstated. To maintain their general well-being, job satisfaction, and long-term professional success, MRs in India must find a healthy work life balance. The researcher had considered 201 medical representatives from different parts of India to know difference ways how medical representative balance their work life in India. It is found that medical representative balance their work life by advocating flexible work schedules, medical representative able to balance their work life by employee wellness initiatives and Counselling services, and employee assistance programs balances work life of medical representatives

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