Lexicalization Of Motion Events The In Physical Environments From The Cognitive Perspective In Vietnamese

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Ly Ngoc Toan


The present research endeavors to examine the distinct contextual settings of physicality within which motion events are articulated by Vietnamese speakers. The underlying theoretical framework of this study draws upon Talmy’s lexicalization patterns, offering a solid foundation for analysis. To investigate this phenomenon, a corpus of motion event verbs was compiled from ten narratives and subsequently subjected to comprehensive scrutiny using the software tools Wordsmith and Endnote. The empirical findings of this investigation reveal that within the aerial domain, motion events are primarily expressed through the utilization of path-lexicalized verbs. Conversely, within the aquatic and terrestrial realms, these events are predominantly conveyed by employing manner-lexicalized verbs. To be more precise, Vietnamese speakers exhibit a proclivity towards the use of manner-lexicalized verbs when expressing motion, as opposed to path-lexicalized verbs. It is hoped that this study will make a valuable contribution to the field of Vietnamese linguistic typology by dissecting the semantic attributes inherent in these two distinct categories of motion verbs

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Ly Ngoc Toan

Ph. D, University of Social Affairs, HCM city, Vietnam