Uses of Technology in Learning of LSRW Skills

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Chanchal Hooda


Teaching is a lifelong learning process as with the time a teacher has to update his/her learning level to meet the requirements of the taught. In this twenty-first era that is also known as the techno savvy, a teacher must have the knowledge of the technology if he/she wants his/her students to get the maximum of the taught syllabi. Many techniques have been emerged related to the field of teaching learning process; now one need not to go far from his home in search of good tutors, with the technology one has become absolutely enabled and even empowered to get quality learning while sitting at home very easily. On the other hand if a teacher or a student lacks behind in various techniques he/she feels himself/herself ignorant when he or she comes in the contact with the updated persons. No one can ignore the importance of the uses of the technology in this fast moving or so called techno savvy era in teaching. In my present paper, I want to focus upon the uses of the technology in learning Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. Technology has been providing us various techniques to deal with the problems of the students in the classes since its inception. Teachers have been using these techniques to enrich reading, writing, speaking and listening skills which are considered as the four pillars of communication. 

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Chanchal Hooda

Assistant Professor of English