Application Of HDM-4 In Highway Engineering: Utilizing The Highway Development And Management System For Enhanced Infrastructure Planning And Design

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Nisha Meena


The current manuscript delves into the application of HDM-4, a robust computer software designed for the Highway Development and Maintenance Management System. Developed by the World Bank, this decision-making tool is instrumental in assessing the engineering and economic viability of investments in road projects on a global scale. The upgraded HDM-4, now in its Windows version, surpasses its predecessor, HDM-III, incorporating numerous features that enhance its adaptability to diverse environmental and engineering contexts worldwide.

This paper elucidates the integration of the World Bank's HDM-4 model at the strategic level, with a specific focus on its application in the urban road network of Noida city, located near New Delhi, the capital of India. The analysis spans 21 sections, covering a total road length of 60 km. The strategic analysis conducted through HDM-4 proves invaluable as a tailored economic evaluation tool, offering insights into budget requirements and network conditions. Moreover, it provides a foundation for effectively managing urban roads, grounded in sound engineering principles. 

Keywords- HDM-4, Highway Engineering, Highway Development, Management System, Infrastructure Planning and Design

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Nisha Meena

Research Scholar, Kalinga University, Raipur (C.G.).