Study On Utilization Of Geo Grids For Strengthening Of Sub Grade Soil

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Panem Venkatesh, Dr.B. Manoj


Utilization of Geo synthetics in late thirty years for partition, support, filtration, seepage, and regulation elements of the asphalt structure. The utilization and offers of geo synthetics materials are expanding 10% to 20% every year. They are being promptly used for pavement and bridge construction in the present filed of construction. This project explains the use of geo synthetic materials like geo grids in for reinforcing of soil by concentrating on the writing survey, fundamental helpful qualities and essential data accumulation of geo synthetics. The investigation centers around the decrease of base course thickness by utilizing the geogrid material in the base course layer without changing the heap conveying limit. Further they are illustrated with  AASHTO configuration result demonstrated in line with base course and analyzed for conceivable utilization of geo grid in Rigid structure, Obtained results have been characterized in line with  American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Committee D35 on geo synthetics as planar items produced from polymeric materials utilized with soil, shake, earth, or other geotechnical building related material as a basic piece of a man-made undertaking, structure or framework. Geo synthetics is the term used to depict a scope of polymeric items utilized for Civil Engineering development works.

In the present study the geotechnical properties of soil like water content, maximum dry density, optimum moisture content, compressive strength and shear strength of sub grade soil is done by using geo grids at different position 25%, 50%, 75% from the top surface of the unconfined compressive strength specimen in UCS mould.


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