Manifestation Inner Rhythm in the Poetry of Abu Al-Fateh Al-Busti (D. 400 AH)

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Asst .prof.Dr. Ali Abdul- Hussein Jubair


Music and the inner rhythm formed a prominent stylistic feature in the poetry of Abu Al-Fateh Al-Busti, as he relied on it effectively, moving and clear in all the purposes that he wanted to communicate to the audience of the recipients, and the most important rhythms contained in his poetic composition are: (parallel rhythm, the technique of repetition, the acceleration of music, the style of anagrams Minus), by which he was able to organize his surface structure (sound and music); To achieve this expressive growth in the regularity of speech and harmony with each other, to transform this music into an image of psychology reflected in the form of a distinctive crossing. These rhythms demonstrated the versatility of the poet Abu Al-Fateh Al-Busti and the uniqueness of the use.

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