Aromatherapy on Learnıng of an Autısm Chıldren: A Revıew of the Lıterature

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Jasni Dolah, Armeet Kaur Chal, Aznan Che Ahmad, Muhizam Mustafa, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdul Majid, Norfarizah Mohd Bakhir, Nur Zaidi Azraai


The purpose of this study of literature is to address a few key issues: the benefits of aromatherapy oils, an understanding of the literature related to its impact on ASD children, and its impact on their learning. Despite the fact that studies on aromatherapy oils have demonstrated an increase in popularity, the impact on learning, particularly in ASD children, has not been investigated. In addition, the use of aromatherapy oils in teaching remains methodologically useless but a few articles have been published in the field of education that incorporate published research of ASD children's aromatherapy oils. Several online databases, including ERIC, ProQuest Education Journals, and Scopus, were searched using the phrases "aromatherapy oils" or "aromatherapy oils in learning," as well as "Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) children." The content analysis method was used to examine the articles. According to the findings, ordinary students or those with other problems place a greater importance on memory, attention span, and anxiety than people with ASD. Since only research relevant to ASD is examined, the future study should focus in particular on the application of aromatherapy oils to enhance the learning skills and strengths of the children.

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