Factors leading Malaysia to become a developed Muslim country: the implementation of Human Development Policies

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Sultan Mohamed Al Marzooqi, Dr. Ashraf M. Zedan Al Dulaimi, Dr. Asmuliadi Lubis, Dr. Norrodzoh Binti HJ Siren


The main purpose of this study to clarify the essential factors that leading Malaysia to become a developed Muslim country through implementation of Human Development Policies in several areas. Therefore, the study focused on the links between the factors driving and assisting in the development of human resource policies in Malaysia to rise the standard of living, improving the economy, health, and education. Moreover, the study inquired that how Malaysia provides an able capability in order to achieve high level position in global nation ranking by used the conceptual opinions and statistics data links on specific content analysis to give a deeper understanding of these policies by basing them systemically on reality and implementing them to serve human development. The study has also demonstrated how the Malaysian government seeks to improve the economic situation and enhance GDP through plans and policies related to diversifying the economy, domestic sources, and local industrial and agricultural products that contributed to increase per capita income, national economic growth and eliminated poverty rate.

      The main result obtained from the study determined the important of human development policies illustrated the Malaysian government implemented approximately 72 policies from 1956 to 2020 in a range of fields concerned with development that directly affect the economic, education, and health sectors. However, these policies also helped to strengthen Malaysia’s position as regards global competitive indicators related to human development. However, challenges may still face the government due to increasing population growth, expected to reach 38.4 million in 2040.  In addition to accomplish the main objectives based on research dilemma, the Malaysian government could establish a specialist authority for government policies, that able to evaluate and ensure their implementation and identify indicators related to policy achievement, in addition to ensuring that all policies are linked to the Malaysian vision and government strategy. Also, the main recommend is measure the policies through identify KPIs which links with Malaysian Vision and its strategic plans.            

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