Systemic Organizational Constellations And Coopetence Relations In Trujillo, Peru

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José Peláez Valdivieso, Marita Rosas Alfaro, Pedro Morales Salazar, Milagros Rodríguez Pena, Martin Grados Vasquez, Dionisio Gonzalez González, Yoni Valiente Saldana, Jose Sandoval Rios, Eduardo Yache Cuenca, Danny Villegas Rivas


The purpose of research was to determine how systemic organizational constellations influence the coopetence of the merger Integra Retail S.A.-Trujillo, 2020. Study method applied was non-experimental, correlational and cross-cutting and with a mixed research approach. The study sample was 53 collaborators of merger Integra Retail S.A. Trujillo. Results showed the level of organizational constellation has a high impact level on cooptetence. Systemic organizational constellations were shown to directly and significantly influence (p < 0.01) the coopetence and their respective dimensions of Integra Retail S. A’s collaborators merger in Trujillo, 2020. Constellations level is appropriate in the organization. Above 50% of respondents said the level of organizational constellation will have a high impact with dependent variable. The level of coopetence exists in the merger Integra Retail S.A., in Trujillo, 2020 is adequate, since it occurred naturally, generating a transition that to date continues in that process and that has been efficiently assimilated in the mental positioning of collaborators of three merged stores.

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