Management process and its impact on the productive capacity and profitability of micro and small companies metal in Trujillo, Peru

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Marita Rosas Alfaro, José Peláez Valdivieso, Pedro Morales Salazar, Milagros Rodríguez Peña, Martín Grados Vásquez, Dionisio González González, Yoni Valiente Saldaña, José Sandoval Rios, Eduardo Yache Cuenca, Danny Villegas Rivas


This study was developed with the aim of determining the impact of the management process on the productive capacity and Mypes profitability of the mechanical metal industry of the Trujillo district, 2020. Mixed focus research, sequential explanatory design, cross-sectional, causal, correlational design and phenomenological design. The quantitative sample consists of 55 managers, managers and accountants; the qualitative sample consisted of 3 specialists in management processes. The survey technique was used with three Likert-scale questionnaires and the interviewer’s technique with an interview guide.  Descriptive statistics and correlation of Kendall and Spearman were used for quantitative analysis. The systematization matrix was used for qualitative analysis. It was determined that the management process significantly affects (P<0.01) the productive capacity and Mypes’ profitability of the mechanical metal industry of the Trujillo district – 2020. It was shown that 25% of the variation in production capacity and profitability were explained by the management process.

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