Comparative Analysis of Psychological Contract of Special Need Education Teacher and Administrator in Sultanate of Oman

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Ms. Neetu Kwatra, Saroj Kumar Ranjan,


Psychological contract is implicit contract between the employer and employees besides the written contract which is important for any organization to gain commitment of the employee it has gain utmost important in case of special need education children who totally depends on their teachers for their growth and development. The objective of the research is to identify the factors which creates difference in the psychological contract between teachers and administrators which is beneficial to improve the policy, system, and further guidelines to be made in special need education organization. Study is descriptive in nature. A total 25   administrators and 54 special education teachers are taken with stratified sampling methodology for study. Further data has been analyzed with T test to fulfill all our objectives.

It has been found that teachers and administrators of special education achieve a high standard of performance, high productivity out of 16 variables under study 10 variable both teachers and administrators believe same. This research reveals most of the factor of the study for example assignment of mentor, benefit avail from mentor, participation in decision making, support given by administrators and parents both special education teachers and administrators feel same. There is difference in perception in case of recognition, training, adequate supplies and material and extension of package more than general need education teachers. Findings of this study are extremely significant to design the policies as well as to improve the committment and satisfaction of  special education teachers and thus improve employee relation .

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