EDP Evaluation Studies in India – An Introspection

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Venkataram Bhat, Dr. K. S. Sarala


Entrepreneurship is considered an accelerator of economic advancement. India to accomplish its economic and welfare goals has to produce more job givers than job seekers. Entrepreneurship imbibes a stipulated set of skills to be embedded in prospective entrepreneurs through training effort. In India, the entrepreneurship development programs are offered through a mechanism of Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institutes sponsored by public sector banks and governed by the Ministry of Rural Development. The primary focus of these institutes located in each district is to promote self-employment, leading to the creation of entrepreneurship. Academic research on entrepreneurship is in its infant stage with only 7% total social sciences doctoral studies. Among these, there are evaluation studies on the performance of entrepreneurship development programs. The article has made an attempt to study the contributions of such research to the academic community and policymakers. The study is conceptual and descriptive in nature. A review of earlier literature on the evaluation of entrepreneurship development programs was undertaken for the purpose. As an outcome of the study, the fruits of the evaluation were identified and future scope for research was earmarked which in turn helps prospective researchers to take up further studies and contribute to the field. The current research would guide educators and public policymakers to enhance their judgments on entrepreneurship training and economic growth.

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