Methods in Learner's Ethics from the Islamic Educational Perspective

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Younis Fareed Abu Alhaija, Hatim Muhammad Mahamid


This study deals with the educational views of Muslim scholars (ulama) about the learners' ethics they documented in their documentary writings. This research focuses on the learner's behaviors in different aspects related to his educational fields. The research emphasizes ulama concern in the learner's ethics, including religious, psychological, social, and educational characteristics. The study also shows the extent of interest and awareness of scholars in the ethical and behavioral aspects of the learner, and the inculcation of spiritual and human virtues in the hearts of learners, for developing and enhancing them. Therefore, this study tries to answer the main question: What are the moral ethics that a learner should have? What conditions must be taken to achieve the maximum possible benefit for achieving his desired scientific and educational aims? 

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