The Impact of (PTT) Strategy on enhancing Iraqi EFL 5th school Students' Achievement in Writing Skills

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Asst. Prof. Sabeeha Hamza Dehham


This study aims at examining empirically the impact of (PTT) Peer Tutoring Teaching in enhancing Iraqi EFL Students' achievement in writing skills.

To obtain the aim of the current study, a two-month experiment was constructed by using pre-test, post-test, control and experimental group design. The population of the study consists of the fifth-year students in the academic year (2020-2021) at Al-Huda preparatory school for girls in Baghdad. Two groups of the population were randomly selected  to represent the study sample. One of these groups, with (35) students, was randomly allocated as the experimental group using the PTT and the other with (36) students as the control group using the traditional method. In the first course exam of the same academic year, both classes were compared in terms of the age of students (measured in months), the educational level of parents and the scores of students in English.   It is worth remembering that the researcher herself taught the same topic to both classes. Using a T-test formula for two separate samples, the responses of  the subjects were statistically analyzed after conducting the tests (pre- and post-test).

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