Data Dynamics In Secure Hybrid Cloud Storage Using Improved Secure Network Coding Methodology

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Dr. J. Seetha, B. Jegajothi, V.P. Sriram, G. Geethamahalakshmi


 The Development Of The Cloud Computing Worldview Enables Computers And Services To Shift And Reconfigure In Response To The Need For Computational Resources As Well As To Encourage Continual Innovation. Although Many Benefits Come With Cloud Computing, There Are Various Measures To Be Employed To Ensure That The Security And Privacy Of Our Data, None Of Which Are Advantageous. Moving And Storing Information To A Cloud Services Can Change An Enterprise Strategy, As The Residents Are Seeking To Understand The Cloud Provider's Foundation With Regards To Risks. That Is To Say, Associations Must Be Aware Of The New Dangers That Are Posed By Cloud Computing. While This Does Also Explain The Need For An Adjustment, We Have To Build And Maintain Privacy And Respectability, There Are Other Important Issues To Consider, Which Include Doing So Correctly, Reliably, And Sustaining The Privacy And Respectability As Well. We Have Now Tackled The Issue Of The Best Available Methods For Cloud Storage Structure And Capability In This Paper, Analysing Cloud Computing Structures And Security Capacities That Enables Data To Be Given Additional Exposure. The Paper Suggests A New Security Emphasis On Dsc Protocols For Massive Data Storage, Where It Offers New Ways To Secure Coding Strategies To Restrict The Quantity Of Data That Can Be Retrieved From A Server. The Dsc Implementation Shows The Highest Results When Compared To Other Approaches.

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