A Study on Effectiveness of Training and Development and its Impact on Employee Attrition

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Dr. Joseph Mary Rahila, C. Priya, V. Periyanayagi, S.Pooja


This study entitled ‘Effectiveness of Training and Development and its impact on employee attrition is an attempt towards the reduction of employee attrition in the organizations through effective training and development. Training and development plays a crucial role in the transformation of an employee by providing them the required knowledge about the work they have to execute in an organization. Meanwhile attrition is defined as a concept where the employees vacate or move out of an organization, so a high attrition rate means the employees are leaving the organization frequently, while a low attrition rate indicates that the organization is keeping the employees for a longer period of time.

A descriptive research design was used for the purpose to collect data from both primary and secondary sources. The questionnaire is considered as the research instrument that is used to collect the data from the employees Simple random sampling method is adopted as the sampling technique with the samples of 80 respondents. Both primary and secondary data has been used for the analysis purpose. Appropriate statistical tools such as Mann Whitney, Kruskal Wallis test and Friedman analysis has been applied for testing the data.  The results were presented with the help of different charts and diagrams. Findings of the study were drawn from analyzing the data’s. Suggestions and conclusions have been made based on the findings.

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