A Study To Identify The Employee Satisfaction On Welfare Measures At Shipping And Logistics Sector

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.Sasirekha, Monica P, Mythily B, Vimalan C


This Study Is Made To Identify The Employee Satisfaction On Welfare Measures In Shipping And Logistics Sector. An Organizations Success Lies In The Hands Of Its Employees. An Organization Can Grow And Reach Big Heights If Its Employees Are Happy And Given Constant Motivation. As Long As The Organization Does This, Half The Problem Occurring In The Organization Won’t Be Happening. This Study Helps The Organization To Know Whether Their Employees Are Happy, Motivated, Working Environment Is Good Or Not, Working Conditions Is Being Maintained Or Not. Welfare Measures For Employees Are Important As Much As The Vision And Mission Of The Company. The Employeesmay Have Different Perception And Varying Opinions On The Welfare Measures Of The Organization. Questions Such As Leave Policy, Working Hours And Environment, Restroom And Lunchroom Facilities, Handling Of Complaints And Grievances Are Asked In The Questionnaire By Which The Satisfaction Level Of Employees Is Identified.

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