Automated Power Depiction System Using Iot Platform

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Ananya Rajesh, Geetika Gopinath, Tejas C J, Amal Prasannan, Dr. Parvathy M


Precise and well-timed expertise of electricity consumption is an imperative requirement for implementing any power saving strategy. The primary function of energy management systems is to measure the electricity utilization in the homes. Monitoring energy usage in homes indirectly offers knowledge about consumer preferences, types of activities carried out by residents, and forecasting potential energy consumption, energy saving methods and lots of other proposes. Electricity consumers are oblivious to their daily unit consumption of electricity. They know about their power consumption only when they receive the electricity bill on a cycle of 2 months to 3 Months which give consumers no possible option to control the usage of electricity as there are only limited number of methods for the consumers to know about how much units of electricity they have consumed. So, we are going to come up with a solution for the same so as to develop a method which would easily replicate the Electricity Meter reading and would also provide us with the power consumption of each individual appliance on to your phone. This helps us to compare the energy consumption and also helpful for the users to understand if their electricity usage is more or less on a need basis and can compensate or reduce electricity usage in turn reducing electricity bill.)

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