Experımental Investıgatıon On 3-D Prınted Injectors Wıth Varıous Orıfıces

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 Abbavaram Revanth Reddy, Purushothaman Nandagopalan, Varun Sai G, Jaya Sai P, Harsha Narakatla, Datta Maheshwar B


In this study, all the injector plate models are manufactured using the additive manufacturing technique (3D printing). In order to study the spray and liquid sheet characteristics of the liquid, keeping the area constant, we have designed single element injector plates with different shapes of orifices; these are used to experiment. The mass flow rate for all the geometries was measured to determine the coefficient of discharge. The spray and sheet formation of liquid flow at various pressure locations of different orifices, images were observed by DSLR camera, and effects of different injection pressure, orifice shapes, break-up length of the liquid have been studied. The experimental results have shown that the mass flow rate and the discharge coefficient are highest for injector plates with a triangle-shaped orifice at higher pressures. When it comes to break-up length, the square-shaped orifice is found to have the shortest break-up length at maximum and minimum pressure values, whereas the triangle-shaped orifice was found to have a long break-up length at all pressure values. Since break-up length for square is minimal, we can conclude that it will atomize faster and aid in rapid combustion.

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