Research Paper On Big data and Hadoop

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Abhinav Krishna Srivastava, Rakshit Sharma, Prince


In Today’s era the word Big Data has a very useful meaning in every aspects. The meaning of Big data is to use and analysis of the data that is big in size. Now-a-days Big Data[1] is becoming very popular and there is so many research and analysis going on in this field. Researcher uses the big data to analysis the practical data and to find out its use and application based on the analysis. 

Data analysis of the given data is done through various modes that is known as an unstructured data as we can easily find out now a days on the Google in the form of posts that has to be taken from social media sites[2] and images. Our research paper will give a an idea about Big Data and its application in daily life. We have also includes the challenges that has been faced by every data science engineer while analysis of the data. Our paper also talks about the Hadoop and gives a basic understanding of Hadoop.

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