The Digital Technology as Platform Enabling the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Nurturing a Sustainable Venture in Technological Space 

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Saikat Banik, Dr. Parul Sinha


The digital technologies are now playing the important role behind the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India and nurturing the ventures from small to larger group. This paper talks about the how digital technology as platform helping the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and then nurturing the venture in digital space. Although the increasing of technological paradigm shift to newer technology day by day, month on month and year on year is providing the advantages of robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and nurturing the robust venture in technological space. In line with the context of the objective, the paper talks about the key factors of digital entrepreneurial ecosystem such as internet penetration, adoption of deep-tech or advancement of technologies (AI/ML, Big data and analytics, robotics, 3D printing, AR/VR), availability of funding, volume of deal flow, MNC-startup relationship, pre-existing business relationship and skillset development of manpower. The research paper related to this area is correct and further study can be conducted to explore more insight information about how digital technology is enabling entrepreneurial ecosystem and nurturing the venture for emergence and growth. This paper is useful to study for research scholars, practitioners, management consultants and academicians. Later, the paper presents about the challenges and issues faced by the start-ups or entrepreneurs in digital transformation of business functions and adoption of digital technology in rural sectors.

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