English Express: A Boot Camp Model

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 Prajna Pani, Amir Prasad Behera


The English Express and boot camp model aims to highlight misunderstood concepts of language learning, but the content of the English language is not the focus. Ekalavya model of language learning is adopted in the present study to remove the anxiety of learners.  The focus of Ekalavya Boot Camp is to challenge the participants in a manner such that the impetus for rising to a higher level of English language proficiency emanates from them: the effort to improve is purely of their own volition. Three boot camps were organised at a gap of two months to monitor the cycle of learning, and enable the students to speak freely and fluently in familiar and unfamiliar situations. A total of hundred fifty engineering students from a multi-sector state private University in Odisha participated in the boot camp. The paper discusses the impact of English Express boot camp in the present study.

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