Earned Value Management of a Villa Construction project using Primavera P6 

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 V Thirumalai, M Kothanda Ramjee, SenthilPandian M, Karthikeyan K


The Indian construction industry has still not recovered from the effects of demonetization and it has resulted in abrupt stoppage of construction work by many small and medium construction enterprises. Now the ensuing Covid-19 pandemic has brought the industry to a standstill and its impacts are yet to be analyzed. Effective project management is thus the need of the hour and the planning has to ensure the optimum use of budget and resources without compromising the quality of construction. Small construction enterprises in India solely depend on project managers to execute the design and do not invest in proper planning software. This sometimes can result in improper decision making, irregular scheduling, poor handling of the project which ultimately results in increased expenditure and wastage of available resources. To reduce such discrepancies, an effective tool called Primavera P6 is introduced to help optimize the planning and scheduling process for construction activities. This will help small construction enterprises accurately estimate the duration of completion, resource allocation and the budget associated with any activity and reduce cost outruns, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the project completion process. This study aims to review the existing methods of construction management in small and medium construction firms by using Primavera P6 and perform Earned Value Management on a villa construction project.

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