Teacher Competence and 21st Century Challenges: A Critical Analysis of Existing Teacher Competency Frameworks

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Sikha Nayak, Prajna Pani


In today's fast-paced world, education is critical in empowering students to take on new challenges. Every aspect of human life (economically, socially, and technologically) is fast changing in the twenty-first century. Teachers need to visit their competence profiles for 21st century challenges. Teachers in the twenty-first century must possess both topic mastery and the ability to integrate technology into their lessons. The importance of teacher development programmes cannot be overstated. Teaching-learning has shifted from a teacher-centered, lecture-based environment to a student-centered learning environment as a result of developing technologies. Now the attention has shifted to twenty-first-century learners and the knowledge and abilities that our pupils will require in the future. But what about the educators? What instructional skills will teachers in the twenty-first century require to prepare our students? What are the skills that will distinguish them from the teachers in the past? Are our teachers competent enough to face the 21st century classroom? The purpose of this paper is to analyse the existing teachers’ competency frameworks to bring out the core the competencies required by teachers for effective teaching and examine the 21st century classroom settings and problems in order to achieve desired improvements in teachers’ professional development.

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