Structural Behaviour of RC Multi-Storey Building With GFRP Reinforcement Subjected to Seismic Load By Linear Dynamic Analysis 

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Apurv A. Pol, Sunil M. Rangari


Reinforced concrete multi-storey buildings undergo damages on a very large scale during an earthquake. It is indispensable to study the seismic behaviors of structure and make the structures safe. In recent time, studies have revealed that the use of GFRP material in building constructions. GFRP material is corrosion resistant, it has long term durability and high tensile strength, thus making its performance superior to that of steel material. Response Spectrum method is adopted for seismic evaluation of G+14 RC multi-storey building having steel rebar and GFRP rebar. The Modeling and Analysis is carried out in ETABS Ultimate 18.0.2 software. The steel rebar and GFRP rebar modeling is done for all three Soil Types in Seismic zone III as described in IS 1893 Part I: 2016. In this study the different models have been analyzed by using Response Spectrum function in Longitudinal and Transverse directions. The results of the analysis are acquired in terms of storey displacement, drift, shear, stiffness, modal acceleration, and modal time. From the current study it is seen that these results are fewer in GFRP rebar as compared to Steel rebar material.

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