Low Cost Mountain Road Network Maintenance Impact and Infrastructure

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Krishna Agrawal, Nafees Ahmad, Shrikant Vidya, Faisal Shameem


The essential focal point of our investigation is to distinguish the difficulties and challenges that we face and to track down some possible arrangements while  developing and upkeep of roads in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The roads go through the wraps that are generally ice inclined, situated at high heights and we experience freezing temperature there. Aside from its sloping nature, the climatic  conditions are extremely cruel for most piece of the year, in which the precipitation is more, generally as snow that covers the entire of the land including roads. The valley has a couple of ways out as public thruways that go through hilly ranges at high heights, where the snowfall is weighty during cold weather months. The state being overwhelmed by undulating geography, road is the excellent methods for transport. The cutting of   roads and their upkeep through the consistent rugged reaches has become a test for the architects and constructors. The reason for concern is that Kashmir has the road thickness of 35.71 km for each 100 sq km; this is one of the least in the country. In this paper, we present a portion of the materials and a portion of the improved strategies in street development to conquer the difficulties that we experience during development and support of roads in Kashmir.

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