Super Charging of IC Engines with the Thermoelectric Generator and Run Generator from the Waste Heat of IC Engines 

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K.Madhu Babu, K.Karthik, S.Uma Maheswara Reddy, O.Narendra, V.Nagaraju


Most of the times waste/or exhaust gases of IC engines utilise for turbo charging for to increase the performance of IC engines. In generally turbo charging used for increase the power output of the engine and increase the speed of the engine. Similarly super charging also utilise for improve the performance of the engine at same fuel consumption but increase the density of air. But supercharging need some from the engine so we try to run supercharging without power consumption from the engine in that place of power need we are introducing thermo electric generator. This generator producing power from the waste heat of exhaust/or emission gases. From the exhaust temperature and atmospheric temperature gradient with the peltier module producing power, its run the compressor for supercharging. Engine speed increases nearly 1000 to 1100-1200 rpm. And to the cause of high volume of air the combustion produces fewer emissions than the initial (mean) without super charging. While, BP increase nearly 9.75%. This experimentation result boost the BP and be in charge of emissions and to minimize the thermal/or heat losses and indirectly to control the atmospheric temperature through the hot gasses release directly in to the atmosphere.

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