Correlation Of Workplace Culture With Implication Of Wellbeing In Corporate Interiors - A Case Of Hyderabad (India)

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Pratima kiran Mandadi, Dr.Neena Singh Zutshi


With the rapidly changing trend of the industrial sector and competitive world, the corporate sector of Hyderabad, India, is trying to boost their economy based on the strategy from their employee's perspective, which played an inevitable role in striving credential growth and sustainability. The quality of the work is directly linked with the quality of the workplace, which demonstrates the relationship between employee and workplace. The physical design, which influenced the employee to work dedicatedly, with creativity and capability and the management of the office, also influenced individual and organizational productivity of the workplace and its work culture. To comprehensively analyze the objective of the study, the qualitative methodology implemented where the survey conducted in Hyderabad Corporate sector, and the output reveals that million value flexibility, especially in the workplace and work-life, is very prominent. In this research, 86 samples are randomly collected, and the survey is conducted in online mode to obtain the perspective of the responders who voluntarily participated in the survey. In the survey, several questionnaires were asked from the participant, and the outcome is generated based on their responses. The data revealed that interior design strategies and tactics focused on workplace flexibility could positively impact high job productivity with the enhanced satisfaction for human capital. The paper shows that interior design strategies are crucial to enhance employee engagement, paving the way to understand their work culture and values. Interior designing is correlated with the productivity of the employee there work culture, which embraces a blissful and well-being environment, resilience workplace features, ergonomic, which directly impact productivity and transform the working mentality of employees.

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