IoT-based Automated Greenhouse with Monitoring and Control using MQTT Protocol

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Jackılyn B. Baccay, Clarıssa P. Vıcente, Marıbel T. Bravo


The study was conducted to find ways to automate greenhouse irrigation and controlling the environment. The microcontroller was programmed in such a way that controls the ventilator fan and electromechanical gate valve based on the following conditions: (1) through web-based, the user can manually turn on/off using any internet-connected device (2) a pre-determined time of schedule as determined by the personnel, and (3) when a pre-determined temperature for the ventilator fan and soil moisture content of crops is obtained. The data collected by the sensor node was saved in the external drive in .csv format to serve as backup. The data was sent via the Message Queue Telemetry Transport Protocol for graphical presentation via the Wi-Fi module. The respondents consisted of PSAU Project staff/laborers, Agriculture experts, IT experts, and Students. In terms of functionality, dependability, usability, and connectivity, the designed system is satisfactory.  As a result, the end-users were convinced that the built system could be used and customized in their projects and areas of responsibility.

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Hardware ➝ Hardware, communication hardware, interfaces and storage, Sensor devices, and platforms

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