Socio-Economic Conditions of Women Workers in Cashew Industry of Kollam

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D. JayaKumar , Dr. Kinslin Devaraj


Cashew  processing units in India are found largely in Kollam district of Kerala and the city is known as the world’s cashew trading capital.  Cashew processing units are famed for employing large number of workers and the role they play in enhancing the social and economic status of the women in the societyThus, this sector made a large number of women workers financially independent, which helped them to contribute to the daily expenses of the household and also to meet the family’s financial goals.   This also enhanced the social status of  the women workers by making them responsible and capable of taking their own decisions with regard to the family matters.   Recently, due to many external and internal factors the activities in the cashew industries show a declining trend in Kollam because of relocation of cashew units to other locations to other states.  This study aims to find the impact of declining activity in cashew processing units on the social and economic conditions of women workers in Kollam.

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