Assessment of Personal Information Shared by Facebook Users

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Jeanky Salenga-Mendez


Few studies that document Filipino users’ understanding, practices, experiences, and coping strategies in relation to their Facebook privacy setting.  The aim of this study was to find out about the respondents’ (1) privacy behaviors, (2) knowledge and privacy concerns, and (3) experiences and coping strategies.  The majority of respondents typically disclosed their basic details, such as their real full name and real photos with their birthdays, gender, educational history, and hometown, according to the results. The respondents also mentioned that they are aware of Facebook privacy settings and privacy adjustments.  The study also revealed that the majority of respondents had not had any unpleasant experiences with Facebook, but had only heard stories about privacy settings that made them suspicious of their personal details and settings.               The researchers used a descriptive study design to verify the results based on the participants' feedback. A survey will be used to gather data from Facebook users' personal details that they have shared in their accounts.  Finally, the results of this study show that the respondent has generally good practices and a wide range of knowledge and coping strategies, but further action is required to raise their awareness and develop other practices that could threaten their protection.CCS Concept: Software and its engineering

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