Implementation of Fuzzy Mamdani Method in Diabetes

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Theenadayalan C , Srinivasan K b, Sudha T


Fuzzy Logic is the extension of classical logic that has a value of vagueness or fuzziness between True and False. But how much true and Falsity of a value depends on the weight of its Membership value. To design a Fuzzy Logic in Diabetes of Human beings is focused in this paper. Generally Diabetes can occur when a body does not produce enough insulin or it cannot use insulin. This paper describes Mamdani Single Rule with Single Antecedent and Single rule with multiple antecedents with Fuzzy input value and Crisp input values in Diabetes data Fuzzy Set and verify how the output comes using Composition of Max-Min and Max-Product. To diagnosis the Diabetes different systems are used by the most of the researchers. But their accuracy is not accurate because the diabetes based some other parameters are not discussed so far.

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