Factors Influencing the Intention to Use Nutritional Label: Literature Review

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Norhidayah Azman , Albattat , Ahmad, Jacquline Tham


The rise of food-related diseases in population has prompted a slew of public policy and private-sector interventions, including the use of nutrient labelling. This paper attempts to investigate the different term use to define the use of nutritional label among the researcher in this area. This study identified and synthesized evidence from over 20 years of observational research in the health and diet fields. This paper also highlights type of nutritional label format which is back-of-pack and front-of-pack nutritional label and how both of this type complements each other. Moreover, this paper also discusses the factor that can contribute the intention to use nutritional labelling which is perceive behavior control, attitude and subjective norm. The findings of this paper concluded that c onsumer are attracted to use nutritional label when they understand the meaning of each information provided in the label. It can be suggested that, front-of- pack nutritional labelling much more convenient and easier to use and user-friendly compare to back-of-pack nutritional label. Even though these three factors are usually been highlighted as the major contribution to intention behavior but additional factors also should and can be considered to predict the behavior intention toward actual behavior..

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