Analysis of Barriers Faced by Women in Accessing Microfinance

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Shalini, Prof. Bindu Arora, Neha Kaushik , Himani Sharma, Yashraj Sharma


The government is channelling microfinance program to bring women into the mainstream of development. The microfinance program is providing economic resources to empower women. In availing microfinance services women face many challenges. So, it becomes necessary to know those barriers which are coming in the way of women development. Primary data collected from 250 women members of SHGs through an interview schedule. Frequency analysis and bar chart is used to examine the data. The results revealed that women are mostly facing a lack of knowledge, lack of information, in providing document and more rule regulation problem in availing microfinance. The researchers also found the problems such as distance of bank from the village, lack of cooperation from bank officials and high-interest rate are not facing those barriers by most of the women in accessing microfinance. The study will be advantageous for the government, Microfinance institutions, and banks in developing policies for empowering women. The study will also motivate women to take part in the development process by saving and investing money in income-generating activities.

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