Enhancement In The Education Systems Through Effective Management

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Dr. Isa Mishra , Dr. Saptorshi Das , Dr. Shradha Padhi , Dr. Debi Prasad Das


The study revolves around the topic of enhancing education system through bringing necessary changes in the management. Education and management have been considered as two entirely different segments. However, the research indicates that collaboration between both segments is required so that overall enhancement of the system can be achieved. Along with that, the factors that are related with the topic such as the effective development or socio-economic structure of the country and their impacts have also been discussed in detail. Secondary data has been collected for the research and thematic analysis is used for interpreting the collected data. The thematic analysis has been done to reflect upon the use of technology in education in recent times, workforce efficiency in educational institutions and issues in management. Through a comprehensive analysis it has been concluded that implementation of proper technological tools and establishment of expert and efficient teaching and non-teaching staffs will lead to education systems enhancement. Moreover, the support of government, NGOs and parents are required to further enhance the scope of enhancement in education systems.

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