Customer Loyalty And Customer Satisfaction On The Online Food Delivery Platform In Indonesia: The Moderating Role Of Customer Trust

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Muhamad Bagus Baskara, Gabrielle Nikki Tatiana. A, Andra Gema Prasetya K, Lim Sanny


Along with the development of digital technology, the culinary industry is experiencing developments in its business model. One of the business lines that have emerged along with technological developments is the online food delivery platform (OFDP) service. The development of OFDP is also increasing due to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic that is currently taking place in any part of the world. The purpose of this study is to determine the role of service quality, customer satisfaction and customer trust in customer loyalty and to find out whether the customer trust factor has a moderating effect on the relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty in the context of the OFDP industry. By using data taken from 205 respondents who use the online food delivery platform apps in Indonesia, the results show that all independent variables have a significant effect on customer loyalty and customer trust has a significant moderating effect between service quality and customer satisfaction. It can be concluded that it is necessary to make a management strategy to increase customer’s trust again so that customer satisfaction with the quality of services provided will increase and then will make customer loyal to related service provider (OFDP)

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