Analyze the gap between knowledge and practice regarding patient safety procedures and factors responsible for the gap among staff nurses working in selected hospitals in kanpur, uttar pradesh.

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Mr. M.Raghavendran , Dr. Tapti Bhattarcharjee, Dr. R. Revathi


A small scale study was done to analyse the gap between knowledge and practice regarding patient safety practices. Every area in health care system was involved by nurses; they will be working for 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. This makes a sound knowledge base and plays critical role in patient safety. A Convergent mixed method analysis was done with 10 staff nurses as samples were selected by Convenient sampling technique. The result shows that with knowledge level of all three practices were in moderate level of knowledge and with regard to practice most of samples having inadequate practice. The correlation between knowledge and practice shows negative correlation with all the practices. The factors responsible for the gap was analysed by Qualitative data by structured questionnaire, 6 among them have accepted that there is a gap between theory and practice in nursing field and regarding factors responsible for medication safety the subcategories were mutual understanding and confidence on themselves, in communication safety the factors are less communication due to fear and workload of staffs, with infection control practice the factors are less staff members and confusion in disposing waste. Thus, the study concludes that there is an existence of gap between theory and practice and there are many factors are responsible for that gap. It is important to reduce the factors so that staffs will work effectively in health care system..

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