Solar PV based UPQC for Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution Power System

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M.lal sandeep, T. Anil Kumar


This article presents a improved comprehensive integrator with DC offset suppression ability for controlling UPQC with SPVA. Recently, power generation and transmission capacity has not increased proportionally to meet global demand. FACTS devices reach the interest of the knee as a means of improving the capacity of the existing transmission network. Among the FACTS devices UPQC is the most effective device thanks to its simultaneous or selective sustenance for voltage controlling, UPQC was developed to reduce control costs and the resilience of the electrical grid. In UPQC control based on the existing system there are still some distortions in the output voltage and high distortions in the current waveforms. There should be some other necessary development in the circuit for a complete reduction of harmonics or distortion. So, to overcome the problems. This document proposes an intelligent UPQC configuration based on a photovoltaic cell for a three-phase Micro-grid system. In this document a photovoltaic solar cell is used in the circuit and is connected in parallel to the DC link. By connecting the photovoltaic solar cell to the existing system, the real and reactive power as well as the voltage and current characteristics are improved. The projected controller is executed using MATLAB / Simulink.

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