Work Environment and Productivity with Teamwork as Mediating Variable at Mining Contractor Indonesia

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Resa Legowo, Basu Prabekti Adji, Febriadipura, Dewi Tamara


This paper aims to explain the factors that influence work productivity and how they influence it. The proposed theoretical framework highlights the work environment factors described by leaderships and training & learning mediated by teamwork depicted in team cohesiveness and team member trust. These factors further explain work productivity. The empirical validity was carried out by conducting a survey using a Likert scale type questionnaire on employees in a mining contractor company in Indonesia. The data obtained are analyzed using the Structural Equation Model. The analysis results are returned to support our theory which shows a significant and positive mediating effect of teamwork consisting of team member trust and team cohesiveness. Leadership, training & learning have a significant positive effect on team cohesiveness and team member trust and subsequently have a significant effect on productivity. This study offers important insights for organizations seeking to improve the productivity of work of employees in the organization.

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