A Qualitative Study of the Early Culture of the Prachi Valley of Odisha in Eastern India

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Dr. Ratnakar Mohapatra


The study has been carried with the aim of evaluating the different aspects of the Prachi Valley civilization of Odisha in Eastern India. The Prachi valley region is famous for its historic antiquities and religious sanctuaries in the costal belt of Odisha. A glorious civilization was flourished around the Prachi river in the past. The maritime trade contact of the Prachi Valley with the overseas countries was possibly the main factor for the growth of such a civilization in that region. People of all the castes of Hinduism reside in the different parts of the Prachi Valley. During the ancient, medieval and modern periods, the merchants of the Prachi Valley of Odisha who carried on their inland and overseas trades were called Sadhavas.The historians of Odisha had not sufficiently highlighted the PrachiValley civilization before the independence of India. On the basis of the extant archaeological remains, the Prachi Valley can be considered as an important cultural site of Odisha in Eastern India. This valley is a co-ordinating place of many religious sects of India like Buddhism, Jainism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Tantricism, Saura, Muslim, etc. Really, the Prachi Valley has developed an excellent trend of temple building activities in Odisha.  A good number of temples of smaller and medium sizes existed in the different parts of the Prachi Valley. Besides, some mathas, forts and a few mosques are also noticed in the Prachi Valley. These monuments are found in so large numbers and in so varied forms extending over several centuries in the past that the Prachi Valley may be regarded today as a veritable museum of Odishan history and culture through the ages. To make a systematic study of the history and culture of the Prachi Valley civilization of Odisha, both the primary as well as secondary sources have been utilsed in this article.

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