Al-Quran Recital Approaches Used On Covid 19 Patients Among Mpob Staf In Malaysia

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Ahmad Zaki Hasan, Ab Rahman, Z. , Mohd Noor, A.Y , Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin, Kamarul Azmi Jasmi


Al-Quran Contains Various Elements Needed By Humankind, Such As Religious, Social, Economic, Health, Medical, Scientific, Political And Other Aspects, As A Guide For Achieving Prosperity In This Life And The Afterlife, Reciting The Al-Quran Daily Showers A Person With Continuous Serenity, Which Is A Very Effective Therapy For A Person Facing Pressures In Life. Recital Quran Has A Unique Power In Changing An Individual’s Inappropriate Behaviour To Appropriate Behaviour Among Mpob Staf. The Al-Quran Also Provides All The Internal And External Needs Required By A Person To Face The Various Challenges Among Mpob Staf. Reciting The Al-Quran Is Not Only Advantageous To A Person But Listening To Recitals Can Also Provide Serenity And Blessings From Allah Swt.

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