Aspects Of Resilience And Gratitude When Facing The Covid 19 Pandemic: From Islam And Positive Psychology Perspectives Among Mpob Staf

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Ahmad Zaki Hasan, Ab Rahman, Z. , Mohd Noor, A.Y , Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin, Balan Rathakrishnan


The Covid-19 Pandemic Is Impacting Humankind In Unprecedented And Monumental Ways And Data Is Needed To Plan For Next Steps Following The Acute Outbreak. In Addition To Physical Health, Coping With The Pandemic Requires Mental Resilience. Resilience Is One Aspect That Is Absolutely Required By All Muslims When Facing The Covid 19 Pandemic. There Are Several Verses In The Al-Quran That Discuss The Aspect Of Resilience Or The Capability Of An Individual To Rise Against Adversities And Overcome It. Surah Al-Baqarah Verse 214 Mentions About The Challenges Faced By Humankind And The Assistance Extended By Allah Swt. The Verse States That Every Human Will Face Challenges That Will Make Them Suffer And Lament When Overcoming It. Nevertheless, Humans Who Believe In The Promises Made By Allah Swt Will Rely On Allah Swt And His Plans When Facing Any Suffering And Hardship Until Assistance From Allah Swt Finally Arrives. This Verse States That Each Challenge Put Forward To An Individual With Come With A Solution If The Individual Exercises Patience Through Prayers And Makes An Ultimate Effort By Completely Depending On The Assistance Offered By Allah Swt. 

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