Awareness On Intermittent Fasting Plan Among College Students – A Survey

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Shalini Sathiyamoorthy, Vishnu Priya V,Gayathri. R


Intermittent Fasting (If) Is A Dietary Strategy In Which Periods Of Normal Food And Drink Consumption Are Punctuated By Periods Of Energy Restriction Or Fasting. The Objective Of If Is To Create A Net Reduction In Energy Intake That Causes It To Fall Below Energy Expenditure, Thereby Creating A State Of Negative Energy Balance And Inducing Weight Loss. The Aim Of Our Study Is To Create Awareness Of Intermittent Fasting Plan Among College Students. This Was A Cross - Sectional Questionnaire Based Study Which Was Conducted Among College Students. The Study Was Approved By Institutional Review Board, Saveetha Dental College. A Validated And Structured Questionnaire Containing 10 Questions Was Framed And It Was Circulated Through An Online Forum. The Sample Size Was 100 People And The Results Were Tabulated In The Excel Sheet And Analysed Using Spss Software. This Study Reveals That 78% Of Total Participants Were Aware Of Intermittent Fasting And 22% Of The Participants Were Not Aware And The Association Was Statistically Not Significant; P Value: 0.284 (P>0.05). 39% Of Total Participants Are Aware That Intermittent Fasting Can Reduce Insulin Resistance And 61% Of The Participants Are Not Aware And The Association Was Statistically Significant; P Value: 0.012 (P<0.05).Within The Limitation In This Study Reveals That Females Have Better Knowledge And Awareness About Intermittent Fasting. The Findings Of The Study Suggests That The Awareness Of Intermittent Fasting Was Low Among The College Students. Due To The Increasing Prevalence Of Overweight And Obesity It Is Important To Share The Knowledge And Awareness On If Among People.


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