Association Of Root Canal Treated Teeth And Tooth Fracture

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Hemashree J, Iffat Nasim, Manjari Chaudhary


Tooth fracture especially the vertical root fractures are more commonly associated with endodontically treated teeth. A tooth diagnosed for vertical fracture can be restored to function and not always have to be extracted. The aim of the study was to find the association of root canal treated teeth and tooth fractures and to compare them with non-root canal treated teeth and tooth fractures. This retrospective study included 86, 000 subjects who reported to the Dental Hospital during June 2019- March 2020 among which 147 subjects were recruited for the study who met the inclusion criteria.It was noted that tooth fracture was associated with root canal treated (53.7%) compared to non-root canal treated teeth (46.3%). Maxillary molars were the most common root canal treated teeth with fracture.Within the limits of this study, it is seen that tooth fracture is the more common in root canal treated teeth. Therefore, attempts to be made to reduce tooth fractures by eliminating the etiological agents.

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